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To solve the specified energy problems, there must be a general idea that would relate to each problem simultaneously.

This idea is very simple – Responsibility for prosperity of the present and the future generations as well as responsibility for environmental condition.

The responsibility to the Nature implies observance of a kind of “Hippocratic principle” while interacting with it in the course of continuous scientific-technological progress. In other words, the development of the mankind must not harm the Nature, or this harm must be minimal and repairable.

The responsibility for prosperity of the present and the future generations is obviously and closely related to the responsibility to the Nature as long as human lives in the Nature and directly influences on its condition. However this responsibility includes one more substantial aspect – moral-intellectual legacy left to the future generations in the form of advances in science, technology, human interrelations and relations of human with the Nature.

Hence, if this simple idea is the base of all aspects of human living activity including, of course, energy, humans will get a real chance to reach harmony in relations with the Nature and themselves providing thus sustainable development and prosperity.

Otherwise, the mankind will obviously and unavoidably degrade and extinct.

Therefore, the solution of the problem of an alternative to oil and natural gas must be of system or complex character. It means that the following directions must be elaborated:

  1. Development and technological perfection of alternative methods of generation, transformation, storage and utilization of energy.
  2. Reduction and termination of the corresponding negative influences on the Nature in general and human ecology in particular.
  3. Increase the level of knowledge of people about conventional and alternative energy.
  4. Increase the level of responsibility of people, first of all, relatively to their ecology.
  5. Creation of necessary legislative and political fundamentals.

My scientific-practical activity

According to the given above, the areas of my scientific-practical activity are as follows:

  1. Scientific substantiation and development of design-technological solutions concerning production of ecologically clean renewable energy.
  2. Experimental approval and refining of the solutions.
  3. Processing of experimental research results and elaboration of the corresponding theoretical fundamentals.
  4. Development of energy supply conceptions based on the acquired results.
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